For us to succeed as a company we must meet the needs and size of businesses on a daily basis. As our customers vary from individuals to major corporations we therefore offer a comprehensive range of quality products and services.

Corporate Internet is a service connecting to the Internet via 2 Internet gateways which are JasTel-IIG and TIG (True Internet Gateway) both inbound and outbound under "Best Path" methodology. When gateway is shortage, gold's customers get higher prioritized. Gold's services traffic will be managerially switched to other available routes, thus being continually connected. This service is suitable for clients who concentrate on speed of sending-and-receiving information and need to be assured of high quality, efficiency, and stability corporate Internet service.

* Only for Corporate Leased Line, DSL, and Ethernet
** Depending on specified proportion After Sales Service Solutions


Corporate Leased Line
Corporate Leased Line is a premium quality Internet Service for an organization that needs stability in Internet Connection. With the minimum 64 Kbps speed, the Leased Line connects your organization to KSC as a Point-to-point direct connection. The bandwidth is not shared with others, allowing the full-speed serving and secured Internet access.


Corporate Ethernet
Ethernet Internet is the connectivity service through fiber optic cable from the provider's network to the last mile. Fiber optic cable is generally more stable and robust against environment compared to copper wire connectivity media. Moreover, fiber optic allows a future expansion of connection speed to be done with a convenience because a single existing fiber optic cable alone could accommodate the transmission rate up to


Tranmission Media

TOT Public Co., Ltd, TT&T Public Co., Ltd., United Information Highway Co., Ltd., Symphony Communication Pcl., Advanced Datanetwork Communications Co.,Ltd.

Media comparison table
Technology (or media type) Network service provider Speed available Connection method Product details (or benefits) Group (or size) of customers
ADSL TOT, TRUE 128Kbps - 2Mbps ADSL modem, always-on username/password home user sharing ratio ~1:15-more SME user, sharing ratio ~1:5 Corp user, sharing ratio ~1:2 Small-to-medium size of internet users
G.SHDSL TRUE, UIH 128Kbps - 2Mbps Router, always on Between ADSL and Point-to-point quality Medium-to-large size of internet users
Leased Line TOT, TRUE, UIH, Symphony 128Kbps - nx2Mbps Router, always on Point-to-point circuit, with much efficient, stable, and secured media. Medium-to-large size of internet users
MPLS TRUE, UIH 128Kbps - nx2Mbps Router, always on High capacity bandwidth, with Large-size of internet users
Ethernet TOT, TRUE, Symphony 2-3Mbps up Router/Switch, always on Fiber optic core network and last-mile, high stability and scalable. Large-size of internet users, who needs high stability and performance transmission link.