This value-added service ensures that users do not miss any E-mail communications, whether from external or internal sources. Whenever users’ mail network or server has a problem receiving E-mails, such as link down or electricity problems, the Mail Buffer will automatically works as an E-mail backup for incoming E-mail and will forward that E-mail to users’ mail server as soon as it is back to normal status.

This value-added service is suitable for an organization that has an internal mail server, or places its mail server under the care of an Internet Service Provider.


  • Ensure that users do not miss any E-mail communications in case users’ mail network or server has a problem receiving E-mails.
  • Support large E-mails by using large international bandwidth and domestic bandwidth, working to balance loads to ensure the efficiency and reliability of users’ E-mail system.
  • Minimize any server downtime problem due to the backup power, which will automatically work when the power is down.


  • High international and domestic bandwidth.
  • Maximum buffer space unlimited per domain.
  • Backup E-mail for 7 days.
  • Backup solution for incoming E-mail when a primary mail server not available (Secondary mail exchange server - MX2.)

Network Diagram

According to the Figure, once users’ network link mail server is back to normal, the E-mails sent to users’ domain will be forward to users’ mail server directly. In case when users’ network link or mail server cannot receive E-mails sent to users’ domain, it will also be sent to the Mail Buffer automatically. The Mail Buffer will then keep users’ E-mails until users’ network link or mail server is back to the normal stage to forward these E-mails back to users’ mail server.

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