Smart Internet service is high-speed internet service for organizations that want to save money by using technology Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN). By combined multiple type of high-speed internet together, whether Lease Line (MPLS) Internet, multiple broadband internet such as FTTx, Docsic, xDSL or even mobile internet network such as 3G, 4G. To increase the efficiency of the internet, more reliability, higher internet bandwidth, manage suit application for each type of internet usage with a lower overall cost.

In addition, Smart Internet service also includes the network security system, also known as the firewall (Network Firewall) with Managed Service throughout the term of contract in which a variety of network access policy can be established to suit application in the organization to help control the internet usage of the organization for efficiency such as preventing pornography sites, prevent computer virus, controlling access to online social network (Social Media) within the organization, controlling access to online video (YouTube) within the organization, controlling P2P program download (BitTorrent), maintaining logs to support Computer Crim Act, B.E.2560 (A.D.2017), as well as allocation of privileges for users to access internet properly.

The service is best for;

  • Organization or unit that requires more stable internet.
  • Organization or unit want to use high-speed internet at reasonable prices.
  • Organization or unit with no IT staff or limited IT staffs.
  • Organization or unit wishing to download multimedia files and large files.
  • Organization or unit wishing to store computer traffic data to support Computer Crime Act, B.E.2550 (A.D.2017).
  • Organization or unit that requires remote internet access using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).


  • Increase internet connection efficiency and stability (Improve network reliability).
  • Higher bandwidth internet with affordable cost (Reduce internet cost per Mbps).
  • Able to manage computer network for organization with IT professional team (Managed service).


  • Prevent access to inappropriate websites using URL Filtering feature.
  • Scan computer virus from internet using Anti-virus feature.
  • Support operation pursuant to Computer Crime Act, B.E.2560 (A.D.2017).
  • Manage bandwidth usage by limiting access to various programs including Social Media, YouTube, BitTorrent using Application Control feature.
  • Provide specialists to give advice and recommendation throughout contract term.
  • Monthly bandwidth usage reports and consulting services throughout the contract period.
  • No investment on devices is required. If the organization becomes bigger, higher effective devices can be upgrade as appropriate.
  • Effectiveness monitoring service available 24 hours, and device configuration data is backup every day in case there is any change on device configuration.
  • Device replacement available in case of device failure.
  • Email and SMS notification available.
  • Able to share internet usage between corporate connection (Leased Line) and home connection (such as xDSL, Docsis, FTTx) using SD-WAN feature.

Network Diagram

Internet Usability Comparison: Before And After Smart Internet

Before Smart Internet

  • Slow internet usage.
  • No network policy.
  • No technical consultant.
  • Not comply the Computer Crime Act.

After Smart Internet

  • Fast & Smart internet bandwidth.
  • Proper network policy.
  • Technical consultant.
  • Comply the Computer Crime Act.

Service Model Comparison: KSC Smart Internet, WAN Load Balance and SD-WAN

KSC Smart Internet FTTx Home Package FTTx SME Package Lease Line
Redundant link Yes
No No Depend on Solution
(Additional cost require)
Network Security & Policy Yes No No Depend on Solution
(Additional cost require)
Technical Consult Yes No No Yes
Network Usage (MRTG) Yes No No Yes
SMS Alert Yes No No Yes
SLA recovery time Customizable No commitment ~12 Hours 4 Hours
SLA uptime Customizable No commitment No commitment 99.7% (KSC) +
Depend on Media
Costing Customizable Low Low - Medium Medium - High

Feature Comparison: KSC Smart Internet, WAN Load Balance and SD-WAN

KSC Smart Internet WAN Load Balance Other SD-WAN
Redundant link Yes Yes Yes
Same ISP’s public IP address Depend on Solution No Optional (require gateway at ISP)
Application-based router Yes No (support only session and port-based) Yes
Link quality monitor and routing Yes Some (only link monitor and port-based) Yes
Security Yes No (need additional hardware) No (need additional hardware)

Hardware Requirement

Feature FortiGate 80 FortiGate 100 FortiGate 200
Recommended bandwidth size Not exceeding 150 Mbps Not exceeding 200 Mbps Not exceeding 600 Mbps
Device monitoring Available
Email notification Available
(require fixed-IP internet)
SMS notification Available
(require fixed-IP internet)
Internet usage report Available
(submit report every month)
Onsite device inspection service Case by case
Device replacement service in case of device failure Yes
Professional consulting service Yes
Recommended number of online concurrent users Less than 50 users 50 – 100 users 100 – 200 users

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