This Anti-virus firewall provides enhanced network security. It is supported by FortiGate Firewall, specially designed to detect Internet viruses. The program can be configured to suit your organizational needs.

Our KSC team will help design and adjust the anti-virus firewall system's security settings to comply with your organization's policy; such as permission for certain computers to connect to the internet, usage time allowance, and type of internet usage e.g. website search, email, and downloads without any significant effect on internet usage speeds.

Moreover, the Anti-virus Firewall is updated automatically to ensure protection against the latest viruses and threats. Our technical specialists closely monitor the security system and report their findings promptly via email or SMS.

Anti-virus Firewall service features:

  • Inspects every Internet package before it enters the organization network
  • Scans possible viruses from the Internet, including viruses from websites
  • Detects spam mail from incoming email
  • Efficiently detects and prevents any threat to organization network from the Internet
  • Prohibits any improper website viewing
  • Manages bandwidth usage
  • Sets Internet policy to comply with organization policy
  • Specialists for consultancy on firewall issues.

KSC also provides fast installation and 24-hour maintenance service by experienced technicians.

Concurrent User Bundle
FG-60 Outsource/ Standard 25-60 Antivirus, AntiSpam,IPS & Web Content Filtering
FG-100A Outsource/Premium 60-100

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