Domain Name is an efficient one-stop service offering a cheaper and more convenient choice for domain name registration. Facilitate organization not to register and pay for the registration fee themselves. And also facilitate organizations to achieve business goal without additional human resource hiring for those tasks.


  • Adds more reliable to the websites.
  • Facilitates organizations and users to recognize and easy to access to the websites.

Advantages of domain name registering with KSC

  • Prevents problems caused by language barrier such as the detailed English explanation, which may cause mistakes and errors. KSC technical staff provides service in Thai language.
  • Provides convenient payment via vary payment gateways.
  • KSC's technical staffs provide 24/7 service and consulting.
  • The security of organization's domain name is KSC key concern.


An example of domain name structures.
The domain name has 3 structures as following;

Part 1 Sub Domain Name
This is the word in front of the domain name and determines where the URL is directed to in the website. Normally “www” is frequently used. The well-known Sub Domains are, for example; mail, pc22, dummy, router, ns, ftp, server, user, gateway, pc1, pc3, pc2, smpt, pc4, ns1, www2, and ns2.

Part 2 Second-Level Domain Name
Organizations are able to assign any name to the Second-Level domain name which must not be duplicated the existed one. As the name is the first keyword users recognize. The name should be short, easy to remember, concise, easy to spell and relate to the organization, products or services introduced on the website.

Part 3 Top-Level Domain
Mostly, 2 Top-Level Domain is found - and .com. However, there are many types of Top-Level domain.
For example ""

The first 2 letters refer to a type of the organization.
  • .co (Commercial) is for the business bodies.
  • .ac (Academy) is for academic institute.
  • .or (Organization) is for a non-profit organization.
  • .go (Government) is for a government.
The latter 2 letters refer to the country.
  • .th is for Thailand.
  • .uk is for United Kingdom.

If the website ends in ".com" without a country code, it means that the website is registered in USA. Moreover, there are other type of top level domain, for example .edu (education), .org(organization) or .gov (government)

Types of services

KSC provides a registration service of these domains.

  1. International Domain Name
    A new domain name registered in Generic Top Level Domain groups (gTLD.), operated by DotAsia Organization Ltd. This domain name makes visitors know the websites’ owners reside in Asia Pacific or are Asian service providers or sellers. The .asia domain is therefore reserved for ones who reside in Asia Pacific. Although the domain name is new but the demand is high. Many attractive names will be registered shortly.
    Is the world’s number one domain name. It is possible that the .com domain is intended to be reserved for groups of business as it is easy to remember, ear-catching and well-known choice for beginners. Thus, this makes the .com domain is a typical domain name for all type of websites. Now the domain registry is Verisign.
    Derives from "Network". It is popular among the websites’ owners who would like the domain name to express the sense of network, such as Internet service providers. As the .com domain is too popular, many attractive names have been registered, the .net domain is another choice for the websites’ owners. Now the .net domain is the second most popular domain. The registry of the .net domain is Verisign.
    Derives from ".organization", it is widely used among non-profits organizations. However, the .org domain is not strictly reserved for that purpose, it is available for everybody who would like to register to this domain name. It is therefore as popular as .net. The register of this domain is Public Interest Registry (PIR.)
    Is a homophone of the word; “business”. The registrants are usually business bodies and all sizes of profit organization. The domain is suitable for ones who would like to have a personal website. The registry of this domain is Neuevel.
    Derives from “.information”, an alternative for ones who would like to have a websites publishing news and information, or the preferred names have been registered to other domains. The limitations of this domain name is not different from .com, .net or .org, .info. Thus, the .info domain is the new option for Internet users. The registry of this domain s Afilias.
    Previously, the .tv domain is reserved for Tavalue Islands. However, as the country population is 2nd least, Verisign is assigned to be the registry of this domain, making it available for everyone. It is mostly used by websites with television and rich media content.
  2. Thai Domain Name
    (or .thai) is the domain for Thais. There are 7 types of .th to make it suitable for each group of customers;,,,,, and The outstanding advantage of this domain is making the websites more reliable as the registrants must be identified. The .th domain is responsible by THNIC or Thai Network Information Center.
  3. KSC Domain Name
    The alternative domain name for organization required popular domain name which has been registered in the other domain name. The domain is responsible and operated by KSC Commercial Internet Co.,Ltd., the only one registry.

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