Smart View is a service that allows our expert team at KSC to manage a customer's internal network. This service includes a real-time network monitoring system for your network as well as help from our experienced service team, which includes network tune-up for maximum efficiency.

Today's computer networks are critical to your business's success, and technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated, necessitating daily updates. IT professionals, on the other hand, have limited knowledge and capacity. KSC's Smart View will fix those issues and keep costs under control.

Who need Smart View

An organization with a sufficient number of IT professionals.


Able to notify users in real time when equipment malfunctions, allowing for quick investigation and correction.

How it works?

Service Types

Silver Gold Platinum
Onsite Setup * Free of charge
Network Monitoring 24x7 Monitoring
(Network Operation Center/NOC)
Notification SMS / Email / Telephone
Report Monthly Report By System
Remote Support 8x5 (Next business day) 24x7
Preventive Maintenance ** None Every 6 months
(2 Times/Year)
Every 3 months
(4 Times/Year)
Onsite Support *** None Limit 4 Times/Year Limit 8 Times/Year
* Onsite setup
  • Smart View sensor installation
  • Reconfigure network (VLAN configure, Firewall Zoning)
  • Enable monitoring on managed device
  • Initial network diagram
  • Physical hardware assessment
  • Upgrade firmware (on KSC provide equipment only)
  • Require internet connection for monitoring
** Preventive Maintenance scope
  • Physical health check (Hardware Alarm, LED Alarm)
  • Check hardware log (Alarm log, Security log)
  • Backup configuration
  • Preventive maintenance report
  • Suggestion and recommended
  • Upgrade firmware (on KSC provided equipment only)
*** Limit onsite support in Bangkok and the surrounding area

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